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Hi. My name is Ali Naqvi. Professionaly, I am an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master Ninja. Personally, I am nerd and a half. I love technology and that was the sole purpose of setting up this blog.

I am based in London, England and currently work for a number of tech clients. I started Alistechblog.com in early 2008, yes I have neglected it over the past years but I am committed to changing this arouns. My career includes working in the business areas of telecoms, travel, publishing, ISPs, hosting and new media.

Alistechblog.com is (was) meant to help technology project managers and scrum masters succeed in their jobs and gain insight into (sometimes) daunting tasks of IT product development. The blog is now mostly a place for me to share my ideas, interests and career experiences. 

Please feel free to contact me by email alitech@alistechblog.com


Ali Naqvi

Disclaimer: I would like to highlight that this blog and my views are personal and not those of any of my clients.

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  1. Hey

    I have come from your youtube channel. How did the dell xps functioned overall? That is my question. Would really appreciate your response. Thank!

  2. The XPS is a total beast of a machine. I love it. The screen is excellent and it’s pretty nippy. Battery life is a letdown and they really need a design update on their XPS range. Otherwise, can’t fault it.

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