facebook hacked

Has your Facebook Fan Page been hijacked?

I have never been big on Facebook. I find it quite cumbersome updating every little detail of my life for everyone to see. Similarly, its exhausting looking at other peoples updates too. A good time killer if you have nothing better to do though. I mostly use Facebook on auto pilot to bring in traffic to my websites. It has been successful to a point and has its ups and downs. You can check out Ali Naqvi’s Facebook profile if you are interested to learn a little more about me, my friends and my family.

I created a Facebook Fan Page in 2009 and have been actively marketing it to facebook users within the UK. It was hacked a few months ago and I am still unable to recover it from the alleged hacker. I don’t know what purpose it serves these hackers to take over a page and do nothing with it?

Facebook are not acknowledging the hack and turn a deaf ear to all of us who have experienced a takeover of their fan pages. Despite thousands of legitimate requests, Facebook are unwilling to consider giving back access because of of security reasons that are unbeknown to all. A simple excuse for not able to identify original page creators from the hackers if you ask me.

The Register did an article on this very subject after I prompted them. Despite the article explicitly describing how facebook fan pages are being hacked, and how the original page administrators are left out in the cold, it did little to help victims of a fan page takeover.

For people who hit this article from a google search, please visit this page for ideas on how you *could* potentially get your page back. I certainly tried everything but no luck so far. Facebook have even closed all the forum threads on their support pages that complained about pages being hacked. I wish you all the best in getting yours back. Sorry to end this on a downer but I just wanted vent for a bit. I have stopped pursuing this for now.