My office calendar is whacked, need time to breathe

My MS Outlook calendar snapshot from hell

There comes a point every day where I have to look at my calendar to fit in a coffee and a lunch perhaps. Everyone wants to take up my lunch hour as well. How to deal with a busy calendar at work, looking for opinions please.


Click on the image for full size

.Work Calendar


Note: Image published without permission from BSI, but whatever is shown is pretty boring to the uninitiated.


Graphic design delivered from a gig worth the 5 bucks?

Among all the social bookmarking, link building and “I will be your girlfriend on facebook for a week” gigs, I thought I would try something simple to test the waters on by ordering a graphic design montage. Got this done by someone called madmoo for (you guessed it) 5 hundred American cents!


123vouchercodes slogan "big savings are as simple as 123"













This was done back in January and since then I have ordered around 50 gigs for social bookmarking, link building, twitter marketing etc. Check out the “fun and bizarre” section to amuse yourself.